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2015 exhibitions

Feb 18 - May 17, 2015
Palais de Tokyo
Paris, France
Le Bord des mondes


Jan 25 - June 8, 2014
Johnson Museum of Art
Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Beyond Earth Art: Contemporary Artists & the Environment

Oct 1 - Oct 31, 2014
Museum of Natural History

Halifax, Nova Scotia


thru Jan 27, 2013
Museum of Science, Boston
Boston, MA
The Honeybee:Revealed

Feb 23 - May, 2013
Santa Barbara, CA
Swarm: A Collaboration with Bees

November 2013
Mt Rokko International Photo Festival
Kobe, Japan


May 4 - Sept 3
Everhart Museum
Scranton, PA

May 5 - July 7
Piermont Straus Gallery
Piermont, NY

July 21 - Sept 1
Craig Krull Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

Sept 9 - Nov 4
Bass Museum of Art
Miami, FL

Oct 12 - Jan 27, 2013
Museum of Science, Boston
Boston, MA
The Honeybee:Revealed



Sep 25 - Feb 5, 2012
Agriculture Museum
Santa Paula, CA
Insects: The Good, The Bad & Ugly

Sep 7 - Dec 1, 2011
Wave Hill
Bronx, NY
Hive Culture

Oct 14 - Nov 10
Cross Mackenzie Gallery
Washington, DC
The Landscape of Bees

Dec 4 - Jan 8, 2012
Craig Krull Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

October 21 - Jan 31
ML Bean LIfe Science Museum
BYU, Provo, UT


June 3 - July 3
Farmani Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

June 12
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn, NY
BEE Projections/lecture




News / Events


The Topography of Tears on 2017 Best Photography Books list by Elizabeth Avedon !

The Topography of Tears on 2017 Best Photography Books list from AP Magazine (UK) !

Topography of Tears, exhibited Oct 21- Nov 25, 2017, Craig Krull Gallery

The Topography of Tears - Bellevue Literary Press, NY 2017


Discussion & Booksigning / Hennessey + Ingalls Bookstore Los Angeles

First sighting! Book Soup - L. A.

A collaboratiion with Stephen Walters & Sons (UK) click here for press release
It's called MURMUR, a fine silk weave, adapted from my Bee series - Abdomen 1200x
introduced at Première Vision Paris, Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

STATE Festival - Berlin link
STATE of Emotion: The Sentimental Machine
Nov 3 - 5, 2016
exhibition curated by Daniela Silvestrin

Encircling the World: Contemporary Art, Science, and the Sublime link
Sept 19 - Dec 3, 2016 curated by Darci Hannah
MassArt: Bakalar & Paine Galleries, Boston

Body of Research / Sloan Projects link
Sept 10 - Oct 8, 2016 curated by Hannah Sloan
Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

Pondy Photo 2016
The Kitchen Sink curated by Cheryl Newman
Old Port, Pondicherry, India, Aug 27 - Sept 11 Pondy site link

May 2016: University College London, seminar: Emotive Matter: Blood & Tears
with Emily Evans and Dr Gemma Angel
about Bodily Matters conference

Launch of "Tears & Lace" by Rose-Lynn Fisher for Darquer Lace of Calais
February 2016 at the Académie d’Architecture, Hotel de Chaulnes, Place des Vosges, Paris

read more

Chantilly Tears and Lace by RLF for Darquer Lace of Calais since 1840

View of Place des Vosges from Académie d’Architecture, Hotel de Chaulnes, Paris

Darquer's new season of lace + selections from Topography of Tears exhibited

RLF in Tears and Lace: Darquer's launch of new season, Académie d’Architecture, Place des Vosges

Olivier Noyon, president, Darquer Lace of Calais, with Rose-Lynn

Stéphane Plassier, artistic director and Olivier Noyon, president, DARQUER

Mass book signing of Both Sides of Sunset at Paris Photo Los Angeles, May

Palais de Tokyo, Paris: Le Bord des mondes, curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel link


Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany: Topography of Tears

Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany: presentation: Topography of Tears
in association with Stories of Water/ - a project of BDA, Schamp & Schmaloeer Architects, and TECE. PR-link


Opening, Woeske Gallery, Berlin, Germany: A Matter of Prospect



Topography of Tears: 2nd Place award winner in IPA - International Photography Awards 2014, Special/Micro category!



BEYOND EARTH ART, Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY review
january 25 - June 8, 2014

TOPOGRAPHY OF TEARS online features by The New Yorker, Smithsonian, and more links

BEE featured on Smithsonian Magazine online: What Does a Bee Look Like When It's Magnified 3000 Times?- a photo essay by Joseph Stromberg link

BEE featured on TIME LightBox: The Bee, Magnified: Microscopic Photography by Rose-Lynn Fisher - a photo essay by Bryan Walsh link

BEE makes Discover Magazine's Best Science Art Books of 2012, by Perrin Ireland link

THE HONEYBEE: REVEALED, Museum of Science, Boston
October 12 - January 27, 2013







UNNATURAL, Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, FL
Sept 9 - Nov 4, 2012





Yonder / Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA July 21 - Sept 1, 2012
LA Times art review by Holly Myers - Aug 31 link

BEEyond - Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art Scranton, PA
May 4 - Sept 3, 2012


rose-lynn fisher everhart





BEE at Piermont Straus Gallery/Bookstore May 5 - July 7, 2012
piermont straus


Washington City Paper: 10 Best D.C. Photography Exhibits of 2011 by Louis Jacobson


Cross Mackenzie Gallery, Washington DC
The Landscape of Bees
October 14 - Nov 11, 2011

WaveHill, Bronx, NY
Hive Culture: Captivated by the Honeybee
Sept 13 - Dec 1, 2011


Agriculture Museum of Santa Paula, CA
INSECTS: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Sept 24 - Jan 2012


Huffington Post: Celebrate the holidays with the Current Top Shows in the Western U.S.

10 FROM 2010: BOOKS FOR THE PHOTOFILE by Clair O'Neill


BEE in PDN's Noteable Books of 2010


BEE opening Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, December 4, 2010

BEEyond opens at the ML Bean Museum of Life Science at BYU October 21, 2010
click here for more


BEE on NPR: It's the Bee's Knees! (No, Really!)

BEE winner in the International Photography Awards 2010: Books / Nature!

bee ipa winner


Rose-Lynn at BEE exhibit at Farmani Gallery, NY

rose-lynn fisher BEE exhibit farmani

photo by Juliana Lopez


BEE in June/July READER'S DIGEST pg 170-173

reader's digest rose-lynn fisher

rose-lynn fisher reader's digest



Rose-Lynn Fisher's presentation at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Centennial BEE-day June 12

photo by Stephen Hoffman


Rose-Lynn Fisher & Verlyn Klinkenborg booksigning / Brooklyn Botanic Garden BEE-day June 12

photo by Elizabeth Barragan