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The continuity of form in nature is as evident from an airplane window as it is within a microscope. From the air, the winding tributaries of a river can look remarkably similar to roots or lightening, capillaries, the magnified hairs of a honeybee, or a tear. Working from both points of view has altered my perception of scale and distance, and attuned me more to the interplay between scale and time.

Looking down from a moving plane, fractal patterns in one region might yield to pure abstraction in another in a matter of seconds, belying the actual distance between those points – quite different from looking through a microscope where an almost indiscernible adjustment of the focus can change the entire scene.

In my aerial reveries I think about the relationship between the incremental and the transitory, especially over southern California: passing over curious and fluctuating compositions, I’m struck by how much some of the scenes below look like sketches, even though that effect may have taken a millennium to evolve.

Meanwhile, the monitor attached to the backside of the seat in front of me recalculates “distance to destination” every few moments, and I also think about the point of departure, as the destination is woven into the journey itself.


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Yonder / Land Marks

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LA - DC, 2011

LA - NY, 2010

LA - Miami 2012

LA -Miami via Houston 2013

To Dallas, 2011

LA - NY, 2010

LA - Santa Fe 3, 2010

LA -Miami via Houston 2013