R O S E - L Y N N   F I S H E R    
  Tears and Lace

In a perfect synthesis of historic savoir-faire: lace, and contemporary technology: microphotography, under the artistic direction of Stéphane Plassier, Darquer has inaugurated a new collection of artist lace created in collaboration with Rose-Lynn Fisher. Tears and Lace was inspired by the Topography of Tears series recently exhibited at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, in Le Bord des Mondes, curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, who described the tears as work that reveals the existence of a multitude of territories inside of us… attempting to make visible through images, the physical manifestations of the intangible and undecipherable.

As Stéphane Plassier noted, Tears and lace are together at the most intimate moments of life: birth, marriage, romance. A photograph immortalizes these moments; a photograph of tears links the intimate to the universal. And lace from these tears completes the circle.

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Tears and Lace

a collaboration with Darquer Lace of Calais

Tears and Lace microphotograph from Topography of Tears series © Rose-Lynn Fisher

2015 Chantilly lace: Tears and Lace by Rose-Lynn Fisher for Darquer Lace of Calais © Darquer 2015

Tears and Lace by Rose-Lynn Fisher for Darquer Lace of Calais © Darquer 2015

Darquer factory, Calais, France © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2016

Stéphane Plassier, artistic director, and Olivier Noyon, president, DARQUER Lace of Calais © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2016

Olivier Noyon and Rose-Lynn Fisher at Academy of Architecture, Hotel de Chaulnes, Place des Vosges, Paris

RLF Tears exhibition at Darquer's launch of new season lace, Place des Vosges