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  Tears and Lace

In a perfect synthesis of historic savoir-faire: lace, and contemporary technology: microphotography, under the artistic direction of Stéphane Plassier, Darquer has inaugurated a new collection of artist lace created in collaboration with Rose-Lynn Fisher. Tears and Lace was inspired by the Topography of Tears series recently exhibited at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, in Le Bord des Mondes, curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, who described the tears as work that reveals the existence of a multitude of territories inside of us… attempting to make visible through images, the physical manifestations of the intangible and undecipherable.

Tears and Lace was conceived as a lace whose complexity and poetry unite the experience and the garments of intimacy.

As Stéphane Plassier noted, Tears and lace are together at the most intimate moments of life: birth, marriage, romance. A photograph immortalizes these moments; a photograph of tears links the intimate to the universal. And lace from these tears completes the circle.

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Tears and Lace

a collaboration with Darquer Lace of Calais

Tears and Lace microphotograph from Topography of Tears series © Rose-Lynn Fisher

2015 Chantilly lace: Tears and Lace by Rose-Lynn Fisher for Darquer Lace of Calais © Darquer 2015

Tears and Lace by Rose-Lynn Fisher for Darquer Lace of Calais © Darquer 2015

Darquer factory, Calais, France © Rose-Lynn Fisher 2016

Olivier Noyon and Rose-Lynn Fisher at Academy of Architecture, Hotel de Chaulnes, Place des Vosges, Paris

RLF Tears exhibition at Darquer's launch of new season lace, Place des Vosges